January 15, 2017

Little Arty Pants Meets Mini Monets

Little Arty Pants Meets Mini Monets

Art Center Sarasota has a new art class for children ages 3-5.  The class is named Mini Monets, and the Center has asked me to be the teacher.  

Today was the first class, and we had three students, each accompanied by a parent and eager to paint.  We focused on primary colors and texture while making Paint Pizzas Printed With Circles.

Preparing for the Lesson:

  • One of the advantages of teaching art at the Art Center is using the gallery as an instruction tool.  It's a good way to expose the children to a wide variety of art styles and media.
  • After finding the primary colors on the color wheel, we went into the gallery to look for red, yellow, and blue in the paintings currently on display.    

Teaching the Lesson:

  • As we finished our gallery walk, everyone was ready to get started making their own art.  Each child and parent shared one piece of white drawing paper, cut into a circle 11 inches in diameter.  It would become their cooperative paint pizza.
  • Everyone drew with a blue crayon, making as many small circles as possible on their big white circle.  It served as an interesting under-layer for the painting.
  • Next came the paint!
           * I demonstrated how to use the open end of a small plastic cup, dipped in paint, to print a layer of red circles on top of the blue circles.  Adults and children alike were soon busy covering their paper.

          * Yellow was our next paint color.  This time we used a lemon, cut in half and dipped in yellow paint, to print a third layer of circles on top.

          * But we weren't done yet!  There was one more layer to go.  I had found some cardboard tubes about 1" in diameter in a closet at the Art Center.  Everyone dipped the tubes into red paint and printed the final layer of circles on their paint pizzas. (Toilet tissue tubes would work great too.)

          * The paint pizzas looked  yummy!

Making a frame:

Art always looks better with a frame.  So, as our pizzas dried, we created one.

  • In order to make our frame, we used crayons (paper removed), construction paper, and plastic textured plates to make rubbings.  Think ... leaf rubbings as a child.  
  • Each parent and child:
          *Placed a textured plate under a piece of 12" x 15" blue construction paper; 

          *Rubbed the side of a crayon across the paper, applying enough pressure for the texture from the plate to appear on the construction paper;

          *Continued moving the plate around until the entire paper was covered with crayoned texture.

Note:  It's easy to make your own textured rubbing plates.  You'll need two pieces of card stock paper.   Cut small shapes from one piece of card stock and glue them onto the other piece to look something like this:

Putting it all together:

  • Our last step was to glue our paint pizzas onto their textured frames.  Wah-lah!  Here's how they looked. 

Concepts explored:

  • Shape: circle
  • Color: red, yellow, blue: the primary colors
  • Texture: rough, bumpy

Until next time, have a colorful day!