May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Card: Drawn, Collaged, and Painted

Mother's Day Card:
Drawn, Collaged, and Painted

Today was art day at for the Early Twos at Cornerstone Child Development Center.  Since Mother's Day is coming soon, the children made I Love You Cards for their Mommies.

Preparing the Lesson:

  • A Mother's Day card would not be complete without the words I Love You and Thank You somewhere in the message.  After composing the messages on the computer, I ran them off and cut them out.  

Teaching the Lesson:

  • We used yellow card stock for the card. The children drew an interesting marker design on the inside.

  • Next came a pretty flower sticker.  When you're two years old, it takes great concentration to place a sticker. The sticky surface can be tricky to manipulate.

                 * First you have to get the sticker off the teacher's fingers.

* Then you have to place it on the card, sticky side down.

* And then you get to feel soooo proud.

  • The children glued their Thank You message on next.

  • Here's what the inside of the card looked like when they were done.

  • We started on the front of the card next. I had precut a heart for each child, which they painted with red paint. (The children are getting very good at moving their brush all over the paper to spread the paint.)  

  • Then they glued the painted heart and an I Love You message on the front.  With that the card was complete.

Concepts explored:

  • Shape recognition: heart
  • Color recognition: yellow and red
  • Small muscle coordination
  • Following directions
  • Listening
  • Taking turns 
  • Learning to paint
  • Learning to glue items on paper

Happy Mother's Day 
from all the little-arty-pants at 
Cornerstone Child Development Center.

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