February 4, 2014

Parent and Child: Art Routines at Home

Parent and Child: Art Routines at Home

Young children are happier with routines, and art is no exception.  If you're creating art at home with your child, it’s not too soon to establish set up/clean up routines.  Even the youngest artists can help.

Involving children in these tasks instills a sense of responsibility and self confidence.  It also increases vocabulary, is good for large and small muscular development, and develops coordination.

Routines for Set Up and Clean Up:

Here are some things young children can do to help during art time.  The age categories are meant merely as suggestions.

12 to 18 months

  • shake small paint bottles
  • tear thin paper into collage pieces
  • carry art supplies to the art table
  • open/close the art drawer
  • pick up scraps from the floor
  • use a child's broom or vacuum to pretend sweep

18 to 24 months  

  • lay out the paint brushes
  • fill the water bowl and carry to table (with adult assistance)
  • stir paint to mix colors
  • unpack a small box of art supplies
  • wash table
  • dry hands after washed

24 to 36 months

  • spread protective covering on the art table
  • put on paint smock
  • use whisk broom and dust pan
  • put away art supplies 
  • wash and dry hands
  • push in the chairs

over 36 months

  • 'cook' homemade play dough or finger paint
  • squeeze glue into small bowls
  • pour paint into small containers
  • arrange art supplies: paint and brush on the right, glue and glitter on the left, paper in the middle,  etc.
  • wash brushes
  • pour out used water
  • put wet art in drying area

Young children think it's fun to help.  Let's capitalize on their enthusiasm and establish habits for life.

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