April 28, 2014

Art at the Daycare: Painted Horses

Art at the Daycare: Painted Horses

When you live in Louisville, this week is all about the Kentucky Derby. It seemed only natural for the Explorers and Toddlers at Cornerstone Child Development Center to make painted horses for art day, and they literally had a ball doing it.


  • Before we started art, I showed the children a picture of a horse and rider running in the Derby.  We talked about the horse's head: two eyes, mouth, and hair (mane).

  • I had already cut the horse heads from construction paper, measuring them so they fit perfectly inside a plastic box.  I taped each head inside the box with masking tape, squirted some paint inside, dropped in a golf ball, and secured the lid.

  • The children's job was to paint the horse's head by shaking the box and making the ball roll around through the paint.  This was their absolute favorite part.  They loved hearing and seeing the ball roll.  Some even pounded on their box like a drum which made the ball pop around in the box.

  • I removed the head from the box and glued it on a piece of card stock.  Next came the eyes and mouth. 

  • Here's what a finished horse looked like.  I think we have a winner here!

  • Here's a whole herd of horses taped to the Toddler's classroom wall. 

If you're going to the Derby, we hope you have a ball.  We sure did when we made these Derby horses.

Concepts Explored:

  • Small muscle coordination: gluing
  • Large muscle coordination: shaking
  • Listening
  • Following directions
  • Taking turns
  • Vocabulary: eyes, mouth, hair, horse, etc.
  • Physics: understanding what makes a ball roll

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