March 19, 2014

The Little Leprechaun Made of Clay

The Little Leprechaun Made of Clay

Calvin loves to work with clay, and so do I. The Little Leprechaun you see above was made from Crayola Air-Dry-Clay, but any clay or dough will do as long as it can be painted when dry. 


            Day One: Constructing The Little Leprechaun  

  • First Calvin rolled some balls.  At this point he didn't know what he was making.  He was just having fun.

  • I set a few balls aside for later as Calvin turned the rest of them into snakes.

  • We took a break to play a game Calvin created.  He'd call out an alphabet letter, and I'd form it from clay.  

  • Then Calvin noticed there was a wad of clay left about the size of a small orange, so he pounded it flat and called it a pancake.

  • At this point, he grew tired of clay and went to play with Legos.  I put the balls, the snakes, and the pancake in a plastic bag to keep them moist till later.  

  • After dinner, Calvin was ready to play again.  This time he placed the balls and the snakes on top of the pancake.  

  • When he was done, it looked like a kid's drawing of a person. Calvin thought so too: "Look, Neena!  A man." And that's how the man came to be. 

  • I set the man in a safe place to dry.  Some of the snakes came loose, but I hot glued them back so the man would be ready for decorating next time Calvin came over.

Day Two: Decorating The Little Leprechaun

  • The first thing I did when Calvin came over next was introduce him to the legend of the leprechaun.  He liked the story and decided his little man would become a leprechaun.

  • After he realized that leprechauns always wore green, Calvin began to paint his little man.

  • Oops!  The leprechaun's leg came off as Calvin painted.  No worries.  Neena would glue it back on later. 

  • After the paint dried, it was time to glue on the wiggle eyes.

  • Every leprechaun needs a hat.  Ours was made from construction paper. 

  • The hat kept falling off, so Calvin held it a few seconds which allowed the glue to set. 

  • And then our Little Leprechaun was done. 

If you are looking for a unique way to make a leprechaun, try clay. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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