March 17, 2014

Potato Print Shamrocks: Art at the Daycare

Potato Print Shamrocks

Today was art day for the Explorers and Toddlers (ages 12-24 months) at Cornerstone Child Development Center, and it was also St. Patrick's Day.

Of course, it wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without shamrocks and potatoes.  That's what the children learned when they used real potatoes to make prints on paper shamrocks.


  • After naming the green color of the paper shamrock and counting it's three leaves, we took a moment for the children to feel the carving in the potato they were going to print with.

  • As each child picked up the potato for the first time, I helped him/her learn how to print with it.  I put my hand on top of their hand, and together we made one print on their shamrock.

  • That was all they needed to get started.

  • Once their shamrock was full of paint, the children sprinkled green glitter on top. 

  • With that, the shamrocks were done and ready to display on the classroom wall.

Concepts explored:
  • color: green
  • counting to three
  • small muscle coordination: hand and arm
  • eye hand coordination
  • shape: shamrock
  • texture: potato

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