February 3, 2014

Valentine Hearts Made from Glue Prints

Valentine Hearts Made from Glue Prints

Glue prints are so easy to make.  Since Valentine's Day is on the way, Calvin and I decided to make heart shaped glue prints.  Details below.


  • I had already cut a large heart from a piece of heavy card stock. Glue prints are made with lots of glue, and that requires a sturdy piece of paper. 

  • Calvin's first job was to squeeze the glue onto the card stock.  

  • I enlarged the opening in the glue top to allow the glue to flow freely.  This enabled Calvin to make nice, fat lines.  The fatter the glue lines, the better the prints.

  • It took 24 hours for the glue lines to dry, and then we were ready to print.  I had the red paint already squeezed into the paint bowl, but Calvin wanted to use his favorite color: orange.  Since I didn't have any orange on hand, we had to mix some.

  •  Calvin squeezed some yellow paint on top of the red paint.

  • Then he mixed the red and yellow together.  Wah-lah!  We had orange.  It was a great lesson in color mixing.

  • Calvin's next job was to spread the orange paint over the card stock. 

  • I encouraged Calvin to cover the entire surface.  Otherwise the print would lose it's shape and wouldn't look like a heart.

  • Once the heart was covered with paint, we turned it upside down and placed it on top of a piece of pink construction paper.  It was important to pat and rub the heart to help transfer the paint.

  • And then it was time to pull the print.  Calvin removed the card stock heart so we could finally see our print on the pink paper.

  • But our first print didn't turn out so good.  We had not put enough paint on the heart, which meant the print was faint in color and lacking in shape.

  • So we repainted the card stock with lots and lots of paint. 

  • And we pulled another print, which turned out great!

  • These prints would make great Valentine's Day decorations, but we have other ideas.  Stay tuned to find out what we plan to do with them.

In the meantime, Happy Valentine's Day from little-arty-pants and me!

Do you have a comment or suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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