February 24, 2014

Sponge Painted Penguins: Art at the Daycare

Sponge Painted Penguins

I'm not sure who's cuter: the penguins or the little artists who made them.  The Early Twos and the Twos used construction paper and white tempera paint to make these penguins.  Read on to see how they did it.


  • I had already cut the penguin body, eyes, beak, and feet.

  • The children's first job was to sponge paint the black penguin bodies with white tempera paint.  I encouraged them to paint all over their paper, which is an easy skill for adults.  Not so for children.  

  • Next came the eyes.

  • And then the beaks.

  • The feet were last. After I put glue on the back of the feet, I placed them on the table, glue side up. The children had to pick up each foot and place it on their paper.  This was good eye hand coordination practice.  

  • They also had to remember how to put the glue side down on their paper. They'd seen me do it during my demonstration early in the lesson, but now they had to retain and follow directions without any reminders.  I did give a few hints as needed.

  • And then they were done.

  • This would be a great activity for an Arctic Animal theme.

Concepts Explored:

spacial awareness: placement of facial features
following directions
taking turns
eye hand coordination
sponge painting

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