February 2, 2014

Black Bear Stick Puppets: Art at the Daycare

Black Bear Stick Puppets

The theme for the week at Cornerstone Child Development Center was Bears. In art this week the Early Two's and the Two's each made a bear stick puppet like the one you see above.  All they needed were craft sticks, construction paper, and tempera paint.


Introducing the Lesson

I have found that children get so much more out of their art lesson when I demonstrate before they come to the art table. 

  • First I showed pictures of a black bear (vocabulary, color recognition, animal recognition).  
  • Then I constructed a puppet step-by-step (sequence) while they watched.  
  • Once they came back to the art table, the children knew what they were making and had a pretty good idea how to do it (following directions).

Teaching the Lesson

  • I had already cut the bear heads and glued them on the craft sticks.  

  • The children's first job was to turn the brown bear into a black bear with paint.   

  • Everyone did a great job of moving the brush around to cover the whole surface. 

  • Do you see how they are holding the stick with one hand and painting with the other?  Six months ago, most of the children were only using one hand at a time.  They have now developed to the point where they can use both hands at the same time.  Yeah!

  • Once the bear was painted, the children placed the nose and the ears on. 

  • Then the children made their puppets dance while we hummed a little song.  It was so cute.  I think they really liked their little bear puppets. 

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you. 

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