January 18, 2014

Textured, Tissue Paper Snowman

Textured, Tissue Paper Snowman

This funny snowman was made by my two year old grandson, Calvin.  He created the snowman's fluffy texture by placing tissue paper onto 'sticky' clear contact paper.


  • It was my job to gather the supplies: 

clear contact paper

pipe cleaners

metallic pony beads

white tissue paper

  • Before Calvin began his work, I used a black Sharpie to draw three circles on the contact paper for the snowman's body.  

  • Calvin's first job was to string the pony beads onto the pipe cleaners.  We choose to use black pipe cleaners, but any color would do.  

  • Once Calvin was done stringing, I bent each beaded pipe cleaner into a circle and twisted the two ends together.  Some of the circles would be used as eyes, others would become buttons. 

  • And one  pipe cleaner, which was left straight, would become the snowman's mouth.

  • The next time Calvin came over to spend the night at Neena and Papa's house, we made the snowman's textured body.  My job was to cut the tissue paper into tiny bits.  Calvin's job was to spread the tissue paper bits all over the sticky side of the contact paper.

  • This is what the non-sticky side of the contact paper looked like when Calvin was done.  Remember the circles I drew earlier?  Well, they were still visible, and I was glad of it. 

  • I used the drawn circles to help me cut three tissue paper circles, which would become the snowman's body.

  • Calvin put glue on the back of the tissue paper circles, and placed them on the black background.

  • I had already cut arms and feet for the snowman.  Calvin decided they all needed to be glued on the bottom circle.  At two years old, he's not yet aware of realistic limb placement on a two dimensional figure. 

  • Next he glued on the eyes and buttons.  When it came to the mouth, Calvin had more fun varying the snowman's expression from happy to sad.  He always ends up with happy.  

  • This is Calvin's finished snowman.  I love the textured look provided by the tissue paper and the beads.

Extending the Activity:

  • Since I had a big scrap of tissued contact paper left over, I thought I'd try making a snowflake to see how it looked (instructions below).  What do you think?  I think an older child would have fun making snowflakes like these. 

  • Here are some sites that give instructions for making paper snowflakes.  

1.  Martha Stewart makes snowflakes.

2.  wikiHow has a nice live action demo.

3.  Instructibles has step by step instructions.

Do you have a comment or suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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