January 29, 2014

Penguins with Pizzazz

Penguins with Pizzazz

This little penguin was made from precut foam shapes.  Calvin and I made four others just like him.  Well, not exactly like him.  We decided to make each penguin's tummy different by adding our own special touch.  We used tempera paint, buttons, watercolor paint, stickers, glue, wiggle eyes, stamps and an ink pad.  Details are below.


Day One: The Tummies

  • All five penguins came with the same white tummy.  We decided to decorate each in a different way.

  • The first penguin's tummy was covered with stickers.  

  • The second penguin's tummy was decorated with stamps and an ink pad.

  • The third penguin's tummy received a marker design.

  • The fourth penguin's tummy was decorated with water color paints. 

  • And the last penguin's tummy was covered with Neena's extra buttons.

  • Once they were decorated, we set the tummy's aside to dry.

Day Two:  The Bodies

  •  All five penguins had a black body, which Calvin covered with a printed design. He used a laundry detergent lid and tempera paint to give each penguin a unique identity. 

  • When the paint was dry, we moved on to the last step: assembling the penguins.

  • First came the eyes. 

  • Next came the tummies.  

  • And then came the beaks.  

  • When everything was dry, I put magnetic tape on the back of each penguin.  

Here they are on the fridge.  

And here they are lined up on our fireplace doors.

We hope you are finding lots of creative ways to brighten your winter days.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  We'd love to hear from you.

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