December 9, 2013

Puffy Painted Christmas Ornaments

Puffy Painted Christmas Ornaments

These pretty Christmas ornaments could have been called Double Puffs.  Not only did we use puffy glitter glue, but we also stuffed the ornaments with fiberfill to give them a three dimensional look. All we needed were cardstock, tempera paint, glitter glue, and fiberfill.


  • When Calvin was a year old, I introduced an art project that involved a small medicine dropper.  He didn't quite have the coordination to pinch the bulb and make paint come out, so I put the dropper away.

  • Now that he's two and a half, I thought I'd try again.  The small dropper was still hard for Calvin.  He did, however, have success with the big dropper.

  • Calvin's first job was to squeeze blue paint onto the green circles I had precut.

  • Then he squeezed red paint onto the circles.

  • By this time, Calvin's fingers were getting tired.  He put the dropper down for a while and did a little finger painting.  He love-love-loves the 'around and around' motion.

  • Once the circles were dry, I glued them together in pairs with the unpainted sides touching.  I put the glue around the perimeter only, leaving an opening at the top.  They were like two little pillows ready to stuff.

  • Calvin opened each ornament where it was unglued.  Then he stuffed several strips of fiberfill inside making the ornament puff out.  This gave the ornaments a three dimensional look.

  • I stapled the openings shut, and punched a hole at the top with a paper punch.  Calvin inserted a red pipe cleaner through the hole. (Note: We could have glued the openings shut, which would have looked nicer; but Calvin and I were short on time.  So we use staples instead.)

  •  Then I twisted the two ends of the pipe cleaner together to make a circle, which allowed us to hang the ornaments on our Christmas tree. 

  •  What do you think?  Pretty nice.  Right?.

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