December 22, 2013

Finger Painted Puffy Star

Finger Painted Puffy Star
Calvin and I had so much fun making our Puffy Painted Christmas Ornaments that we decided to make a puffy star too.

This time Calvin used finger paint.  Of course, he wanted his favorite color, orange, which I didn't have.  No worries.  We mixed our own orange.


  • Calvin squeezed yellow finger paint on to his paper.  "Orange, Neena, orange," he reminded.  "Just wait," I answered.

  • So he started spreading the paint with circular strokes.  

  • I encouraged him to try some horizontal strokes too, which he seemed to enjoy, but ...

  • ... it wasn't long before he was back making circles.  

  • Then came the red finger paint.  After more circular and side to side strokes, Calvin saw the paint become orange.  This turned out to be a good intro to color mixing.

  • Next came the glitter.  Finger paint and glitter.  Calvin was in 'art heaven'.  But wait!  There's more to come.

  • We made a second painting.  By now Calvin was really in the groove. He invented a new 'Uppidy-Down' motion which you see in the next two photos?  

  • Of course, the finishing touch was glitter.

  • We let our finger paintings dry over night.  The next day I cut the two paintings into identical star shapes. Then I glued the orange and green stars together with unpainted sides touching.  I only put glue around the star edges, leaving an opening big enough to stuff the star.  It was like a little star pillow.

  • Once the glue dried, Calvin pushed stuffing down into the star.  I used a ruler to push the stuffing down into the star's points, carefully not to rip the paper.

Note: We used Mountain Mist Polyester Fiberfill, which I purchased at my local Joann Fabric and Craft Store.

  • When we were finished, we had a 'stuff and puff' star: one side orange, and the other side green.  I punched a hole at the top, inserted a pipe cleaner, and twisted it into a circle so the star could be hung.

  • On a Christmas tree.

  • In a window.

  • On a door knob.

Hope you have as much fun making puffy Christmas decorations as we did.  In fact, we've had so much fun, I'm looking for more art projects to stuff and puff.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.  

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