December 6, 2013

Cone Shaped Jingle Bells

Cone Shaped Jingle Bells

Hidden inside each of these festively decorated paper cones is a little jingle bell attached to a red pipe cleaner. Are they toys? Ornaments for a Christmas tree? The Explorers and Toddlers at Cornerstone Child Development Center know the answer, and they're not telling.  The rest of us will have to wait until Christmas to find out.

Take-a-peek inside.


Introducing the Lesson

Before the children started to work, I wanted to motivate them. 

  • I walked amongst the Explorers (12-18 months) jingling one of the bells.  Everyone came over to see what was making the pretty sound.

  • The toddlers (18-24 months) sat down and watched while I demonstrated how to make a cone-shaped bell.  

Teaching the Lesson

  • The children used red and green markers to decorate their cone templates with dots and lines. (The templates were 8" construction paper circles with ¼ removed.)

  • Stickers were next.  Since the stickers were attached to a large backing paper, I became the official 'sticker-peeler'.  The children placed the stickers on their templates.

  • Then they pat-pat-patted to give the stickers a good seal.

  • When the green templates were decorated, it was my job to shape them into cones.  I slid one end beneath the other until each circle became a cone with the tiniest of holes at the top. Then I stapled the ends together.

  • While I was busy stapling, the children enjoyed playing with their jingle bells.  I had safely secured each bell to a pipe cleaner so little hands could not pull it off. 

  • I slipped the empty end of the pipe cleaner through the tiny hole at the top of the cone, pulling it up until the bell was inside.  Then I twisted the pipe cleaner into a circular handle, just right for holding and jingling. 

  • The children had a blast making these bells. Their antics were so cute that I smiled and laughed the whole time.

Concepts explored:

  • prewriting skills (dots and lines)
  • small muscle coordination
  • following directions
  • taking turns (Four children worked at the art table at one time, which meant everyone else had to wait their turn.)

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  1. Molly left a comment on Facebook:

    This was such a fun project! Declan loves his jingle bell and rings it constantly!

    1. Thanks, Molly. Declan was one of the first to volunteer. I think he likes art.


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