December 13, 2013

Christmas Ornaments: Beads, Clay, and Glitter

Christmas Ornaments:
Beads, Clay, and Glitter

Monday was art day for the Early Twos and the Twos at Cornerstone Child Development Center, and the children learned the answer to the following riddle.

What can we make with beads, clay, and glitter?  

Answer:  A beautiful Christmas ornament.  

We used Crayola Air Dry Clay from Discount School Supply, but any clay or dough that air dries will do.


  • First the children kneaded their clay by squeezing it.  The Early Twos used orange clay and the Twos used white clay.  Any color would do.

  • I rolled their kneaded clay into little balls, which the children flattened into circles.

  • Glitter came next. The children shook glitter on top of their circles.

  •  Then they pressed beads into their clay circles.  We used Metallic Pony Beads, but     any beads would do.

  • Every ornament needs a hole for the hook.  We used the end of a fat straw to make our hole.  I pushed the straw part way through the clay, and the children pulled it the rest of the way out.

  • Our hook was a pipe cleaner, which the children pulled through the hole in the clay and I twisted into a circle.

  • Once the clay was dry, the ornaments were ready to hang on the tree.

  • I would imagine some of these ornaments will become precious family keepsakes.  I still hang my son's handmade ornaments on my Christmas tree, and he's thirty-eight years old.

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  1. Michelle commented on Facebook:
    Cute idea!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. This was so much fun for the kids to make.


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