December 25, 2013

Beaded, Twisted Pipe Cleaner Decorated with Glitter: Art at the Daycare

Beaded, Twisted Pipe Cleaner 
Decorated with Glitter
Today was art day for the Twos and the Early Twos at Cornerstone Child Development Center where I teach art. The children each made a colorful, sparkly pipe cleaner decoration that would look great on a Christmas tree. 


  • First the children had to string several beads on a pipe cleaner. This was serious work. It took some fancy eye-hand coordination to get that skinny pipe cleaner through that tiny hole in the bead.

  • Then they had to slide the bead all the way...

  • ... down to the end of the pipe cleaner.  This made it a great lesson in sequence too.

  • Of course, the teachers were there to lend a hand when needed.

  • Once the beads were strung, I knotted the open end of the pipe cleaner to keep the beads from falling off. Then the children scrunched their pipe cleaner into an interesting shape.

  • Next came the glue.

  • And then it was down into the glitter. The children dunked several times to be sure they got lots of glitter on.

  • Here's the finished product.  All ready for decorating someone's holiday home.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all the little-arty-pants at Cornerstone Child Development Center.

Concepts Explored:

color recognition
eye-hand coordination
small muscle coordination
listening and following directions

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