November 22, 2013

Turkey Collage on Coffee Filter: Art at the Daycare

Turkey Collage on Coffee Filter

Little-arty-pants (Calvin) recently made a Thanksgiving Gobbler: Paper and Dough. It turned out so cute, I was inspired to make a similar turkey with the Twos at Cornerstone Child Development Center.  


Introducing the Lesson

  • I was pretty sure the Two's had not seen a live turkey.  So I found this You Tube video on the web and shared it with the class before they began making their paper turkeys. The best part of the video was about ⅔ the way through, so I showed that part over and over until everyone had seen it.

Teaching the Lesson

  • I don't drink coffee, but I do have gobs of filters left over from teaching art.  I thought a coffee filter would make the perfect background paper for the Twos collaged turkey feathers.

  • Once the feathers were on, I squeezed glue onto the turkey's body.  The children placed it on top of the feathers.  Of course, they pat-pat-patted to make the bodies stick.

  • Next came the eyes and the turkey's beak.

  • We even glued on a red turkey wattle.

  • Here's how the turkeys looked when the children were done.

  • They turned out gobbly-good.

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  1. This art project was so much fun. The children really got into it.

  2. I really enjoy teaching at Cornerstone Child Development Center.


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