November 13, 2013

Sponge Painting with Itty-Bitty Artists: Art at the Daycare

Sponge Painting with Itty-Bitty Artists

Last Monday was Art Day for the Explorers and Toddlers (ages 12 - 24 months) at Cornerstone Child Development Center, and I had the children do sponge painting.

Sponge Painting is one of the best art activities for young artists. It's fun and easy and the results are outstanding. 


Young children always understand an activity better when they see it demonstrated in small groups. 
  • I called the children to the table in groups of four. 
  • As I gave each child a sponge printer (a sponge clipped onto a clothespin) *, took his/her hand and we made several prints together.

  • Once they saw how sponge painting was done, the children caught on very quickly.

  • Since these paintings were to be used as feathers for a turkey, I wanted the children to print with three different colors: red, yellow, and blue. In order to do this, I had one child print with red, one with yellow, and two with blue. I kept switching the colors, until each child had used all three colors.

  • Even before the prints had dry, the children glued on their turkey's body, eyes, beak, and red wattle which I had precut from construction paper. 

  • This is how the turkeys looked when they were finished.

These little turkeys are  ready for Thanksgiving.

Extending the Activity:

* How to make your own sponge printers:
      1.  cut a sponge into several small pieces
      2.  attach each piece to a pinch type clothespin which serves as a handle

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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