November 24, 2013

A Turkey Full of Thanks

A Turkey Full of Thanks

Calvin and I are definitely in 'turkey mode'.  Last week we made a Turkey Gobbler from Paper and Dough.  Since we had some dough left over this week, we decided to make a turkey centerpiece from stickers, paper, craft sticks, and dough.  

Note:  We used Play Doh, but any air-drying dough will do.

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  • First we made the turkey's feathers. I bought fall stickers at our local dollar store especially for this project.  I knew Calvin would love them.

  • His job was to put stickers on the construction paper circles I had precut.  He scoured the sticker book for acorns. He's fascinated with acorns, probably because I have zillions of them in my yard.

  • There were enough stickers to cover each circle with some left over for Calvin's arm.

  • I helped him designate an owner for each circle: one for Mommy, Daddy, all four grandparents, and little brother Tommy.  As he named each recipient, I used a pen to write his/her name on the circle: I love my Mommy, etc.

  • Calvin's next job was to decorate each circle with some beautiful pen and ink lines.  As he decorated, I talked with him about how special each person was. I thought that was a good way to be thankful.

  • It was my job to glue/tape each circle to a craft stick.

  • Of course, we took some time to investigate how a pen works.  That's all part of working with a two year old.  Go with the flow, that's my motto.

  • I showed Calvin a You Tube video entitled Best Live Turkey Footage to help him remember what a turkey looks like.  He'd already seen the video at school when I made Turkey Collage on Coffee Filter with his class.

  • Then we got busy making the turkey's body from dough.  

  • We each formed a ball of dough.

  • Then Calvin put the balls together to make a huge sphere for the body.

  • Calvin stuck the turkey feathers into the dough.

  • I'd already made a construction paper head, so Calvin stuck that in too.

  • Later, I removed the feathers and head so I could scoop out some of the turkey's spherical body. (Hollowing out a solid shape helps it thoroughly dry.  Otherwise, it remains soft in the middle.)  Once the sphere was hollow, I reinserted the feathers and head.

  • I think this little fellow will make a superb centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table.  But shhhhhh!  No one in our family has seen this turkey.  It will be Calvin's Thanksgiving day surprise.

Happy Thanksgiving from little-arty-pants.

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  1. Margaret left the comments below via Linkedin, and I wanted to share them with all of you. Thanks, Margaret

    Love your pictures and comments. You are an inspiration; just hope I can remember all. Looking forward to doing lots of art work with my 10 month twin boys in a year or so. We tackled foot prints on clay pots with acrylics and made them into butterflies for parents first Mother;s Day. We are doing concrete hand and foot prints for Christmas, they will be little stepping stones. Keep up the fun. Happy Thanksgiving. Margaret

  2. Elizabeth left this comment on Google+. Thanks, Elizabeth.

    Awesome! Love it


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