October 30, 2013

The Painted Pumpkin's Face

The Painted Pumpkin's Face

Calvin recently painted a big pumpkin for Halloween.  Now that its' dry, he made a face for it.


  • I had all the facial features precut, and Calvin played with them before we began.

  • He added some color to the eyes and ears with a marker.  Notice he's using orange again: his most favorite color.

  • I put glue on the eyes, and Calvin placed them on the pumpkin.

  • He moved on to the teeth next.  First he squeezed glue on the mouth.  I still have to watch him.  He love...love...loves to squeeze the glue.

  • Then he put the teeth on.

  • I put glue on the back of the mouth, and Calvin placed it on the pumpkin.  Happy?  No, sad.  No, happy again.  Poor pumpkin.

  • The nose was next.

  • Of course, the pumpkin needed hair.  Calvin wiggled and squiggled some pipe cleaners.

  • Then he squeezed out some glue near the stem and laid the 'hair' in the glue.

  • And with that, the painted pumpkin was done, and it was AWESOME!