October 29, 2013

From Pumpkins to Jack-o-Lanterns: Art at the Daycare

From Pumpkins to Jack-o-Lanterns

This week's theme at Cornerstone Child Development Center was pumpkins, which worked out perfect for the Twos.  The last time I taught art to the Twos, they made Textured Pumpkins from Colorations Best Value Dough which the center had purchased from Discount School Supply.  Now it was time to put a face on those pumpkins and get them ready for Halloween.


Introducing the Lesson

  • I had the children point to their own eyes, noses, and mouths.
  • I helped them locate the eyes, nose, and mouth on a large jack-o-lantern I had brought to class.
  • I showed the children the eyes, nose, and mouth shapes they were going to glue on their textured pumpkins.
  • I passed out their textured pumpkins from last art day which I had already hot glued onto a piece of card stock.

Teaching the Lesson

  • The eyes were first.  

1.  The children named the shape we were using for eyes: hearts.


2.  Then they counted to see how many heart shaped eyes they were gluing.  

3.  Finally, each child pointed to where they wanted to place the eyes on their pumpkin.  That is where I put two dots of glue.  The children placed the eyes on top of the glue.

  • Next came the rectangle nose.  We followed the same procedure.

  • Of course the last step was the mouth.  

1.  I showed the children how they could make the mouth happy or sad depending on how they positioned it on their pumpkins.  

2.  I asked each child whether they wanted their pumpkin to be happy or sad. 

3.  Finally, I put either a happy or sad line of glue on each pumpkin, and the children placed their mouths on.  Some made a last minute mood change.  

4.  The picture below shows me asking the big question: happy or sad.

  • And that is the end of the textured pumpkin story.  Or is it?  I can't help wondering where those little pumpkins will end up.  On the fridge at home?  In a child's bedroom?  A gift for a friend or relative?  A precious keepsake in the art box? I guess the rest of the story is yet to be determined.

  • Concepts explored:

  1. color recognition
  2. shape recognition
  3. facial features
  4. opposites: happy/sad

Happy Halloween from www.little-arty-pants.com. 

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