September 26, 2013

Shape and Color Collage with Glitter, Art at the Daycare

Shape and Color Collage with Glitter

Shape and Color was the theme at Cornerstone Child Development Center for the past two weeks.  During that time, I taught art to the Explorers, Toddlers, and Two's.  Each child created a collage made from individually decorated precut shapes and glitter like the one  you see above.


Introducing the Lesson

The perimeter or edge of a shape is a very important factor in its identification.  For example, the only difference between a triangle and a square is the number of sides and angles. 

With this in mind, I introduced the children to the shapes in the following way:

  •      First I showed them a shape and asked what the name was.  We repeated the name several times.

  •      Then I took my finger and outlined the perimeter of each shape all the while making a silly noise: swishy, peepy, squeaky, etc.  The noise had no educational value what so ever, but it did make the kids smile and kept them looking at the shape while I moved my finger.

                                Teaching the Lesson

  • One at a time I gave the children four shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle.  One at a time, they used a marker to design their shapes with black lines, dots, etc.

  • I made a modification for the younger students: Explorers and Toddlers.  They glued three shapes instead of four, and they didn't use black markers.  These modifications made the activity appropriate for their attention span.  Once the shapes were placed, the little artists went 'pat-pat-pat' with their hand to make the shapes stick.

  • When the shapes were stuck well, I squeezed more glue on top; and the children sprinkled glitter.  

  • The Two's used their pincer muscles to sprinkle glitter from a cup.

  • The younger children shook glitter from a plastic jar with a perforated lid.

  • The collages looked great.

                      If you have a comment or a suggestion, I'd love to hear from you.                                                                                                                                                          

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