September 20, 2013

Painting with Twirl n' Paint

Painting with Twirl n' Paint

I really love spin art.  It's a fun way to paint and a good way to teach kids about color mixing.  The art you see above was created by my grandson, Calvin, using an old Twirl n' Paint I bought at a consignment sale.  The product is now available under the name Rose Art Magic Spin Art by Mega Brands.

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  • First we had to put the Twirl n' Paint together.  It had two easily constructed pieces.

  • Then we inserted the paper, which slipped under four notches in the spinner's wheel.

  • Next came the paint.  We squirted drops of red, yellow, blue and green.  The instructions said to squirt the paint while the device was spinning, but I modified it for Calvin, age two and a half. 

  • Calvin pressed the green button over and over to make the paper spin.

  • When he finished, his paintings looked like this.

  • Calvin liked making the Twirl n' Paint spin, but he wasn't able to get it going fast enough to make the paint really move.  We'll try again when he gets a little older.  Maybe then we can talk about color-mixing.

  • In the meantime, this was a good lesson in coordination, and it was tons of fun.

Extend the Activity:

I would not recommend Twirl n' Paint for toddlers.  The box said 3+, and I think that's probably right. Children younger than three don't yet have the coordination to press the spinner button in the rapid, short depressions needed to make the paint move around.

I, on the other hand, was able to get that puppy going fast!

I would recommend purchasing a spin art device that is battery operated or has an easily depressed spinner if you will be using it with toddlers.  Here are two suggestions.  I have not tried them personally.

  • Cra Z Art Magic Spinning Machine 

(click for

  • Melissa & Doug Swirl n' Spin Art 

(click for website)

I still love spin art.  I just need to find the right spinner for my littlest artists.  Anyone have a suggestion?    

Do you have a comment or a question?  I'd love to hear from you.

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