September 6, 2013

Paint the Sun: Art at the Daycare

Paint the Sun

Summer is over, but I'm not ready to say good-by to the warm sunshine. So ... when I taught art to the Two Year Old Class at the child development center, each little-arty-pants made a sun like the one you see above.   


Introducing the Lesson

  • We talked about how important the sun is to the plants and animals on our earth.
  • We looked at a funny sun with a smiley face that had been made by an artist. 
  • I showed the children a sun cut from paper.  I demonstrated how to paint the sun with orange paint, and then make a face on it.

Teaching the Lesson

  • First the children painted their suns orange. Yippee!  They remembered to spread the paint all over their paper.

  • Everyone pressed two eyes, a nose, and a mouth into the wet paint.

  • Of course, they pat-pat-patted the features to make them stick.

  • Then 'tah-dah', the suns were done.  

  • With all those suns displayed, the Two's classroom looked cheerful and snazzy. 

Concepts explored:

facial features

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