August 9, 2013

Painted Monoprints and Sidewalk Chalk

Painted Monoprints and Sidewalk Chalk

Monoprints* are easy and fun.  Even the youngest artists can create them.  The two you see above were made by my two year old grandson, Calvin.  He used tempera paint, construction paper, and sidewalk chalk.

* Note:   According to the on-line Artcyclopedia a monoprint is:
"... a one-of-a-kind print made by painting on a smooth...[surface] and then printing on paper." 

  • My job was to purchase something smooth for Calvin to paint on.  I chose a clear acrylic sheet which I bought at Lowes.  It had a smooth surface for painting and cleaned easily with soap and water.  Any smooth waterproof surface would work. 

  • Calvin's first job was to paint the acrylic sheet with tempera paint.  I  had a large foam brush ready, but he didn't like it.  He kept repeating "brush, brush, brush" until I realized he was asking for the bristle brush he'd used in another project.

  • His brush strokes made an interesting blue design on the acrylic sheet.

  • When he was done painting, I placed a sheet of green construction on top.  We patted it down, then gently pulled the paper off to reveal the print.

  • Calvin had so much fun that we applied more paint to the acrylic sheet and made a second print.

  • A couple days later, when Calvin came over to 'do art' again, I had his design ready for the next step.

  • He drew lines on top of the paint with sidewalk chalk.

  • Calvin's two designs looked good glued side by side.  They are now displayed in our sunroom studio as a diptych.*

* Note: defines a diptych as "a work consisting of two painted ... panels that are hinged together". 

Extend the Activity:

Are you intrigued by diptychs like I am?  Here are two more diptych examples for kids.


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