August 11, 2013

Painted Cardboard Collage

Painted Cardboard Collage

Years ago I made a collage using distressed cardboard as the background.  I really liked the way the collage turned out, so when I found myself knee deep in cardboard during a recent move, I decided to recreate the distressed background for Calvin's art.

Procedure for Day 1:

How to distress cardboard:

  • I cut the cardboard to the size I wanted,
  • Then used a screw driver to make holes, and
  • Finally tore off small sections of the top layer, exposing the corrugated insides.

  • Calvin loves to paint, which is why we do so much of it.  He started with blue.

  • Then he washed out his brush ...  

  • ... and he painted some more, this time with pink.

  • This is how the painting looked at the end of Day 1.

Procedure for Day 2:

I'm very frugal and like to use every scrap of paper. Whenever we have paper left over, I cut or tear it into small pieces. When Calvin is here, he helps me, which is fun for him and great for his muscle coordination.

This week Calvin added paper scraps to his distressed cardboard painting.

  • First Calvin squeezed glue onto his painting. He loved that. 

  • Then he placed the paper scraps.  I had the scraps in a little bowl, which I kept refilling.  This kept Calvin from dumping all the paper at one time.

  • Being so young, Calvin's attention span is short.  I kept 'tickling' his interest in two ways:

  • I made funny sounds as he worked.  I know it sounds crazy, but he liked it.

  •  We took several intermissions to play with toys, then returned to work refreshed and ready to go.

Extending the Activity:

There are so many artsy things to do with kids and cardboard.  Here are three I liked.

  • Squidoo has some fantastic cardboard craft ideas for kids.

  • So says Sarah... has a post titled Fine art for kids: Cardboard creations with Victor Vasarely.  This cardboard project was inspired by the art of Victor Vasarely.

And here are two books full of ideas for cardboard arts and crafts.

  • The Cardboard Box Book by Jake Danny

  • Recycled Crafts Box by Laura C. Martin

Do you have a comment or a suggestion? I'd love to hear from you.

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