July 26, 2013

Painted Ocean with Two Little Fish: Art at the Daycare

Painted Ocean with Two Little Fish: 
Art at the Daycare

'Ocean Creatures' was a recent theme at Cornerstone Child Development Center where I teach art.  The Two-Year-Old Class made the ocean scene you see above.  It took them two weeks to finish: one week to paint the blue ocean background and a second week to make the fish puppets.

Procedure for Week One:

Introducing the Lesson

  • I explained how the ocean was 'big-big-big' water and that it looked blue.
  • We discussed how fish live in the ocean.
  • I demonstrated how to paint with blue paint, being careful to fill the paper (because the ocean is sooo big).
  • We talked about how the ocean has a bottom, and I demonstrated how to place a green, hilly ocean bottom onto the paper.

Teaching the Lesson

  • I called the children to the art table in groups of five.
  • The children painted a 9" x 12" piece of white construction paper with blue tempera paint to represent the ocean.  Young children tend to paint only a small area of their paper.  Sometimes I took their hand to help them get the feel of spreading the paint all over the paper. 
  • While the paint was still wet, the children placed a green, hilly ocean bottom on their paper
  • We let the paintings dry till next week.

Procedure for Week Two:

Introducing the Lesson

  • I reminded the children of the ocean paintings they had previously made.
  • I demonstrated how to make a large and a small fish puppet.
  • I told the children a story about the ocean using the puppets.
A big fish lived in the ocean.  He liked to swim in the blue water.  He liked to sleep on the green, hilly bottom.  But he was lonely.  "I wish I had a friend," he said.  

One day a little fish swam by.  "Hello.  Do you want to be my friend?" said the big fish.  "Yes!  Yes!" said the little fish.  The two friends were happy together.  They swam together.  They ate together, and they slept together.  

The End.  

Teaching the Lesson

  • I called the children to the art table in groups of five.  Each child made a large and a small fish puppet as described below.  Note: I had already glued craft sticks onto the bottom of each puppet.
  • I put glue on the back of each child's fish-features: eye, mouth, and tail.
  • The children placed the features on their fish puppets.

  • Then they pat-pat-patted them into place.

  • The children played with their puppets when they were done. I saw lots of little puppets swimming and eating just like in the story I told.

  • Did you notice the little dots scattered around the painting?  They were made with a paper punch and some scrap paper.  We pretended they were fish food.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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