July 1, 2013

Make a 4th of July Flag: Art at the Daycare

Make a 4th of July Flag
Art at the Daycare

My grandson and I made this flag for Memorial Day way back in May. I made the same flag today with the 12-24 month old children at the Daycare where I teach art.  

Procedure for Children 12-24 Months of Age:

Doing Prep Work at Home

  • I cut three red stripes and one blue rectangle for each flag.
  • I poured white paint into two 8 inch square containers, one for each side of the table.
  • I wrote each child's name on a 9" x 12" piece of white construction paper.
  • I purchased a small flag and four star stampers at the local dollar store.

Introducing the Lesson

I wanted the children to have some fun with a real flag before they made their paper flag.

               * I let the children touch the dollar store flag as I walked amongst them.

               * We played peek-a-boo with the flag.

               * I demonstrated each step in the flag making process.

Teaching the Lesson

  • I called the children back in groups of four. 
  • I put glue on the flag's pieces.  The children pat-pat-patted each piece in place.

  • I inserted four star stampers into the white paint and then handed one to each child. Some children needed assistance to get started, but everyone was able to stamp independently.

Evaluating the Lesson

I always know how I'm going to teach an art lesson, but I leave myself room to respond to the children's needs.  

Here's an example from today's lesson:

I planned for the children to place their own flag pieces on their flag; but when I worked with the first group of children, I could tell they didn't understand.  Some of them wadded the piece into a ball.  Others tore it into pieces.  One little girl kept rearranging the piece until it wouldn't stick anymore.

I knew I had to be the one to place the pieces on the flag, but what could the children do?  Then it came to me: they could pat-pat-pat the pieces into place.  And that is exactly what they did. 

Do you have a comment or suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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