June 24, 2013

Make a 4th of July Windsock Rocket

Make a 4th of July Windsock Rocket

It's almost July, and we're getting ready for our country's birthday.  Calvin and I made a red, white, and blue windsock rocket for the 4th of July holiday.  All we needed were white tempera paint, blue construction paper, red tissue paper, and (of course) red glitter.  Calvin decided to stick a piece of tape on his rocket, but that's optional.


  • Calvin's first task was to sponge paint all over a 9" x 12" piece of blue construction paper.  We worked outside, which made painting even more fun.  

  • How do you like our sponge stamper?  I cut an old sponge into a 1" x 2" rectangle and then attached a wooden clothespin (pincher-style) for a handle.

  • Calvin ran around the yard while I prepared for step two: GLITTER!  I mean, what's a 4th of July decoration if it doesn't have glitter? 

  • Our next step was to squeeze glue along the bottom edge of the paper.

  • The final step was to place six red tissue paper strips in the glue, but Calvin wasn't in the mood to glue the tissue paper down.  He wanted to play with the tissue paper.  He twirled it.  He wadded it.  He threw it in the air. Then he ran around the yard, watching it flutter in his hand.  Look at that face!  He had so much fun that I decided to glue the strips on later.

  • When the paint was dry, I rolled and glued the paper into a cylinder shape.  I also finished Calvin's job of gluing the tissue paper strips onto the cylinder's bottom edge.  I decided it needed a nose cone if it was going to be a rocket, so I cut and glued a cone shape on top.   

  • In order to hang the wind sock, I punched two holes in the nose cone and strung a piece of  red yarn for a handle.

Here's the finished windsock.  Happy Birthday, America!

Extend the Activity

  • Did you notice the little rocket in the photo above?  Well, it isn't really a rocket.  It's a 4th of July popper.

If you have a comment or suggestion, I'd love to hear from you.

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