May 17, 2013

This Little Piggy: Art at the Daycare

This Little Piggy: Art at the Daycare

Last week I was asked to teach art one day a week at Calvin's daycare, and I'm loving it. This week was Farm week, and I worked with the Toddler's, ages 16-24 months. I decided to have the children make a pig. All we needed for each pig was construction paper, glue, tempera paint, a pink pipe-cleaner, and a few detergent bottle lids for printing.

Calvin and I made one pig ahead of time so I could work out any bugs in the lesson. You can see his finished pig in the photo above.


Doing Prep Work at Home

  • My first job was to mix pink tempera paint.  I used one part red paint to four parts white and mixed well. I mixed the paint in an 8 inch square disposable aluminum pan with a lid. The pan was big enough for three children to use.
  • My next job was to cut a pig body, a pig head, and two pig eyes for each child. I also drew the pig's snout.

< pig head
< pig eye                                     pig body >
< pig snout                                  

Setting Up the Art Center 

The Art Center was set up on one of the classroom tables. I covered it with a shower curtain cut in half and taped to the table. We positioned the table close to a wall.  That way the children could not push their chairs back and get up until I had cleaned their hands of paint. I had everything within reach so I wouldn't need to hunt for supplies while working with the children. One of the teachers remained near by to assist. Thanks Ms. Que.

Introducing the Art Lesson

The children were already seated on the floor with Ms. Emily, one of the teachers. I asked if I could demonstrate what the children would be doing when they came to art.  The demonstration took about a minute.

  • I showed a picture of a pig from one of the classroom books, and we practiced saying 'pig'. 
  • I showed two pig eyes I had cut from construction paper, and we practiced saying 'eyes'.
  • I asked them to show me their eyes.
  • I showed them how to bend the pipe cleaner and how it looked like the pig's tail in the picture.
  • I showed them the construction paper pig body, and I taped the tail on the back.
  • I showed them how the detergent bottle lids were shaped like a circle, and we practiced saying 'circle'.
  • I show them how to put a lid in the paint, then hop it around over the pig's body to make paint circles.

Teaching the Art Lesson

As groups of three came to the Art Center, I reviewed each step as we did it. 

  • First we glued eyes on the pig's head, and I set it aside.

  • Next we bent the pipe cleaner, and I taped it to the back of the pig's body.

  • Then I showed the children how to print. I pushed a bottle lid into the pink paint and hopped it around my pig's body making circles. Most printed by themselves, some needed a little help. I kept turning their papers to help distribute the paint around the entire pig's body.

  • Lastly, I put glue on the back of the pig's head and handed it to each child. The child placed the head onto their pig's body. With that, their little pigs were done.

  • While I wiped the children's hands and moved the table so they could go play, Ms. Que taped the pigs on the classroom wall to dry.  Those little piggies looked pretty cute up there. 

Evaluating the Lesson

After I teach a lesson, I like to review it in my head to see if I'd make any changes. I decided to buy small plastic squeeze bottles and fill them half full of glue.  I'd like to see if the children can squeeze the glue by themselves.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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