May 30, 2013

Sun Catcher Made From Tissue Paper

Sun Catcher Made From Tissue Paper

This week Calvin and I made a sun catcher to welcome the coming summer. All we needed were tissue paper, glue, a fat brush, and a disposable aluminum cake pan. Our pan was 8 inch square, but any size will do.  It all depends on how big you want your sun catcher to be.


  • Calvin's first job was to tear the tissue paper into small pieces.  At two years old, he tore the paper by grabbing the sides and pulling in opposites directions.  This resulted in large pieces.

  • My first job was to tear the large pieces into smaller ones.  As Calvin's small muscle coordination grows, he will tear these pieces himself.

  • The next step was for Calvin to brush glue on the bottom of the aluminum pan.  Earlier I had mixed the glue with water (one part water to three parts glue).   

  • It was time for Calvin and me to cover the bottom of the pan with tissue paper.  This is definitely a step to do with adult help.  It took Calvin some time to understand what we were doing.  At first he took off more tissue paper than he put on, but that's okay, we got the job done.

  • Once the pan's bottom was covered, I pressed the edges down and covered everything with a another layer of glue.

  • I set the pan aside for a few days to let the glue dry.  Then I very, very, very slowly pulled the glued tissue paper out of the pan.  To my surprise it came out all in one piece and without much effort as long as I went slow.

  • I traced around a large circle and cut it out with pinking shears.  I taped the sun catcher in a window that was low enough for Calvin to get close and enjoy it too.

Extend the Activity:

Suncatchers are beautiful. Here are some resources for more info.

  • Joan Baker Designs Sunflower Field Glass Art Panel would look lovely in any window.

(click for

  • Are you interested in making your own sun catcher?  Here's a kit you might want to check out. 

(click for

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