May 1, 2013

Prewriting Skills: Educational Fun

Prewriting Skills: Educational Fun

Calvin has become very interested in scribbling and drawing.  A couple days ago I set a Fisher Price Doodle Pro on his art table to see what he would do.

Fisher Price Doodle Pro

(click for

He walked right over, sat down and scribbled, and...

... scribbled some more.

He erased, and ...

... scribbled some more.

Calvin scribbled for 7 minutes straight, which is a long time for any toddler's attention span.  I was nearby, but I didn't interfere.  He was in the groove and having fun. He didn't know he was learning to write. 

Extend the Activity:

How does scribbling help children learn to write?

The website says this about scribbling: "... scribbling is to writing what babbling is to speaking." Scribbling strengthens the fine muscles in a child's hand and fingers. As these muscles strengthen, the child gains more control over scribbling. This may lead to 'scribble writing': line after line of squiggles and loops produced to mimic adult writing. With more control, the child begins to make shapes, pictures, and eventually letters.

You can read more about emergent writers by clicking Early Writing and Scribbling.

Art of Writing is another good article with ideas about how to promote emergent writing.

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