May 8, 2013

Mother's Day Gift: Made at the Daycare

Mother's Day Gift: Made at the Daycare 

This was a super, great week. I was asked to teach art at Calvin's Daycare. Monday was my first day, and I taught in the Explorers Class: children 12-18 months old.  Since Mother's Day was coming up, the children made flowers for their mommies. 

A year ago, when Calvin was just 13 months old, we did this same art activity: Make a Collage with Flower Petals for Your Window. But working with one child is much different from working with 12 children. So I spent some time planning how to go about this. Here's what I came up with. 

  • First, I walked among the children repeating "flower, flower, flower" as I showed them a flower I had picked from my yard. 

  • Next I sat at a small table with a pile of flowers in my lap and a big, red bowl.  As the children wandered up from playing, I handed each a flower and demonstrated how to pull the petals off the stem and put them in the big red bowl. This time I repeated "pull, pull, pull" one hundred times.  (Just kidding.) 

  • Then I placed a 24 inch piece of clear contact paper on the table. The backing had been peeled off half, revealing the sticky side. The children and I took the petals out of the bowl and sprinkled them on the contact paper. I must say, they did an excellent job.

  • Finally I peeled the backing off the rest of the contact paper and folded it over the petals. The children and I patted the contact paper to seal the petals inside.  This was by far their favorite part.  As we patted, the table sounded like a drum.  Ohhhhh, did they love that. 

  • The children's part was done, and they continued to play and have circle time. I sat in the back of the room and cut 12 circles from the contact paper, attaching a stem and a little "Happy Mother's Day" square to each.  

  • One of the teachers suggested putting some magnetic tape on the back so the mommies could display their flowers on their 'frig'. What a great idea!

  • Whether you're working with one child or a classroom full of children, this is a great activity for Mother's Day. I know any mommy would love getting this special flower made by their little-arty-pants.

Happy Mother's Day from little-arty-pants.

 Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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