May 14, 2013

Make a Special Gift For a Special Person

Make a Special Gift For a Special Person

Calvin painted two little boxes like the ones above: one for Mommy and one for Grandma. We used yellow, green, and light blue paint; and when the boxes were dry, we filled them with m&m's candy. 

I bought the two little boxes at Jo-Ann for $1.00 each.  Now that Calvin has decorated them, they are priceless.


  • We wanted to use yellow, green, and light blue tempera paint, but I didn't have any light blue on hand. It was my job to mix light blue. I used four parts white paint to one part blue and mixed well. When Calvin gets older, he'll mix his own tints.

  • It took Calvin three days to paint the boxes: one day each for yellow, green, and light blue. We let one color dry before we started on the next one. That way all the colors stayed vibrant.

  • When all the painting was done, Calvin put stickers on the boxes to make them look snazzy.

  • He put some on himself too just for fun.

  • I painted two coats of Mod Podge all over the boxes to seal everything well.  Mod Podge is a clear, non-toxic sealer that can be purchased at any craft store as well as Walmart, Target,, etc. 

Extend the Activity:

Mod Podge can be used as a glue for nonporous materials like paper or fabric. It's also a sealer for wood which is why I used it for today's project. Since it dries clear, you could use it  for decoupage.  I like that it is non-toxic and cleans up with water. Yeah! for Mod Podge! 

(click for

Looking for some Mod Podge ideas? Try these websites.

  • Mod Podge Rocks is a blog packed full of projects using Mod Podge.  Check it out!

Do you have a comment or a suggestion? I'd love to hear from you. 

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