May 21, 2013

Make a Flag For Memorial Day

Make a Flag for Memorial Day

Are you looking for a flag to display on Memorial Day?  How about a special flag made by your little-arty-pants? The one you see above was made by my two year old grandson, Calvin.  Read on to find out how he made it.


  • It was my job to cut the red stripes for the flag. I used pinking shears. An older child could do this step independently.  Next, I cut a white background for our blue stars, but a blue background with white stars would work great too. 

  • My next job was to made a stamper that would print stars.  I went to Jo-ann and purchased a foam stamper that was circle shaped.  When I got home, I used scissors to trim it into a star shape.

  • Calvin's first job was to print the blue stars on our white background. He knew the star shape from his wooden shape puzzle.  I heard him repeating 'star, star' every time he printed one.  

  • Calvin's next step was to glue the red stripes onto the white background.

  • The last step for Calvin was to glue the stars on top of the stripes.

  • Calvin's flag doesn't exactly resemble our American flag.  However, it is red, white, and blue, and it does have stars and stripes, and it was made by my little-arty-pants.  That makes this a very special American flag.  

Happy Memorial Day

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