April 18, 2013

Thick, Textured, Toddler Made Collages

Thick, Textured, Toddler Made Collages
Collage One: construction paper pieces

Collage Two: cut up paper, rice, beans, stickers

One nice thing about making these collages was finding a good use for all the bits and pieces we had left from other projects. 

  • Collage One was made from construction paper pieces: some painted, some not.  
  • Collage Two was made from cut up calendars, wrapping paper, and holiday cards with a little dry rice and beans.

Procedure for Collage One:

  • As I prepared for our collage extravaganza, Calvin sat down and started to draw.

  • When he was done, he picked up the glue bottle and squeezed out a ton of glue on his drawing.  He's still using the modified glue top applicator I made for him, but I think he's about ready for the regular glue top. (I altered the glue applicator by widening the hole in the bottle's cap.) 

  • Calvin started out placing the collage pieces manually, but he didn't like getting his hand sticky.

  • As I wet a paper towel to clean his hand, Calvin found another solution.  He picked up the container of collage bits and dumped it all over his paper.  

  • Calvin finished by adding  some extra collage pieces in the empty spaces. I knew he needed a break.  I cleaned his hands and he ran off to play as I got ready for the second collage.

Procedure for Collage Two:

  • Calvin sat down to work again, but after gluing a few paper bits, he lost interest.  That was when I brought out the dry rice and beans.  He loved the texture he felt when he wiggled his fingers in the bowl.

  • It wasn't long before he dumped the bowl, giggling happily as the rice spilled over the paper.

  • I knew his attention span was almost gone, and that was when I brought out...the stickers. Calvin loves stickers.  Put a sticker in his hand, and he becomes a toddler on a mission. 

  • And with that, his second collage was done.  

Today's collages were a milestone.  When Calvin and I started little-arty-pants a year ago, his attention span was just beginning to develop. We never attempted collages. Today Calvin finished not one but two collages.  What a difference a year makes.

Extend the Activity:

Looking for more collage activities?   Check out these blogs recommended by Jean Vant' Hull from The Artful Parent and by myself.  Enjoy.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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