April 21, 2013

My first little-arty-pants

My first little-arty-pants

I was going through some old photos when I found the one below. It was taken over 30 years ago.  The little-arty-pants was my son Ryan at age 4.  He'd been painting with watercolors.

Fast forward 33 years.  Here's a photo of Ryan's son Calvin.  He's a little-arty-pants too.  It runs in the family.

I believe everyone is a little-arty-pants.  It's a skill.  Some of us develop the skill, and some of us don't.
Those who develop the skill, nurture and grow their talent.  Those who don't, believe they 'can't draw a straight line'. But they can.  They just need to believe they can develop the skill.

Not everyone will agree with my thoughts, but that's okay.  After 37 years of teaching young children, it's what I believe.

What do you believe?  
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