April 5, 2013

Finger Painted Potato Masher Prints

Finger Painted Potato Masher Prints

These lovely, textured images were finger painted and then printed with a potato masher.  It was messy, but oh, so much fun!


  • Our first step was to get out the finger paints. We decided to use red and blue. 

  • We started with three clean pieces of finger paint paper. I squeezed a half dollar-size puddle of red finger paint onto the first paper, and Calvin started finger painting. Pretty soon the paper was covered and some of the table too.

As a teacher, I worked with many children who did not like getting their hands messy. I never forced them to paint. I did model what to do by painting a small example. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. If your little-arty-pants doesn't want to paint, I suggest you put the finger paint away for a while. You'd be surprised what difference a couple months will make.

  • I put the second clean paper in front of Calvin and squeezed out the same amount of red and a dime-size puddle of blue. As Calvin painted, the colors mixed together creating purple. 

  • When I handed him a potato masher, his first inclination was to press the masher on the red egg. It made a waffle pattern in the fresh paint.  I could tell he liked the pattern because he made it again and again. 

  • While Calvin pressed the masher on the purple paper, I placed the last clean paper on the table to see what he would do. Back and forth the masher went between the two papers as he transferred paint from the painted paper to the unpainted paper. When he was done, it looked great. 

  • I was so excited. This was the first time Calvin initiated an art idea from his own creativity. I know it won't be the last.

Extend the Activity:

Easter may be over, but good books are never out of season.  Here are two books to enjoy both now and next Easter.

  • Easter Egg Hunt, from Razzle Dazzle Books, is a board book that includes many prepositional words: in, under, on, etc.  Each egg is textured for a touchy-feely experience. 
(click for Amazon.com)

  • Peanuts: The Easter Beagle Egg Hunt is about disappearing Easter eggs and the Easter Beagle. It's for children ages 4 and up.  
(click for Amazon.com)


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