March 15, 2013

Paper Easter Eggs: w/Watercolor and Salt

Easter Eggs: with Watercolor and Salt

These pretty paper eggs were painted with watercolor paint and then sprinkled with sea salt.  As the eggs dried, the salt crystalized the paint into interesting textures.  

Easter's coming and it will soon be spring.  It's egg-painting time!


  • This was Calvin's first time to use watercolor paint.  Before I gave him the paint tray, I used his brush to put a little water on the red, yellow, orange, and purple paint pads.  I wanted the paint to be soft and ready for him to use.  I left the black, brown, green, and blue pads dry, limiting Calvin to only the lighter colors for spring.  

  • Calvin saw what I did and repeated my actions.  

  • Then he painted the egg.

  • Every now and then he'd stop to play in the water.

  • Or he'd look at the paint.

  • He even made up his own color game.  He pointed to the different colors, and I'd say the color name. Then he tried to repeat what I said.

  • When the egg was painted, I handed Calvin the sea salt, and he began to shake. I used an empty cinnamon bottle as a salt shaker. 

  • Calvin took his hand and spread the salt around the egg.  I think he liked the scratchy feel.

  • We made six eggs total.  Although the eggs were created using the same procedure, they were painted on different type papers: two were on construction paper, two on drawing paper, and two on Fabriano watercolor paper.

  • The construction paper and the watercolor paper held up to the paint and salt better than the drawing paper. This resulted in an interesting crystalized texture on the first two and a soft pastel look for the last.  Which eggs do you like the best?  I couldn't decide, so I used them all to make this Easter egg flower.

Extend the Activity:

Where are the Easter Eggs? - A Counting book for Children is a book for your Kindle. A book like this could come in handy while waiting for an appointment. 

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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