March 25, 2013

Make a Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny for Easter

Make a Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny for Easter

This little bunny was made from a Fuzzy Wuzzy Pom Pom, white card stock, little wiggle eyes, and craft foam. We're planning to use him in our Easter table centerpiece.


  • My next step was to cut the bunny's head and ears from card stock so Calvin could decorate them with markers. I made a few extras in case we needed them.

  • When he was done, Calvin stacked all the pieces into a pile.

  • I cut a nose and whiskers from foam. Then Calvin and I worked together to construct the bunny's head and glue it onto the pom pom body.

  • The bunny is now ready for our Easter centerpiece. Stay tuned. There's more to come.

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