March 7, 2013

Little Chick: Spin Art For Easter

Little Chick: Spin Art For Easter

Little chick's tummy was painted using my modified version of spin art. The rest of his body was collaged together. 

I've seen spin art done with a salad spinner, and it looks really fun. Since I don't have a salad spinner, I found another way to do spin art. I used a plastic salad bowl and lid that I got at a local salad restaurant.

Little Chick took two days to make: one day for spin art and one day for collaging.

Procedure for Day One:

  • Before Calvin could begin, I prepared the salad bowl.  When Calvin gets older, he will do this himself. 

  1. I cut purple construction paper into a circle that fit into the bottom of the bowl.
  2. I rolled some masking tape and stuck the circle onto the bowl's bottom.

  • Calvin's first job was to squeeze tempera paint onto the paper. We used yellow and white.  For each color we needed a puddle about the size of a half dollar.  Calvin got a little carried away with the white; but hey, that's okay. We go with the flow around here.

  •  I taped the lid on so we wouldn't end up with paint all over.  Then I gave the bowl to Calvin.

  • He threw it.

  • He flipped it.

  • He spun it.

  • When the circle was painted, I put it aside to dry. It became the chick's tummy. 

  • My next step was to trace Calvin's hands on yellow construction paper and cut them out.  These little hand shapes became the chick's wings.

  • Calvin went off to play, and I gathered supplies for Day Two: wiggle eyes, a paper beak, pipe cleaner legs, cloth for the background, and (of course) glitter.

Procedure for Day Two:

  • Before Calvin could begin, I prepared the background.  When Calvin gets older, he will do this himself. 

  1. I glued the cloth background onto a piece of card stock.
  2. I glued the hand-shaped wings and pipe cleaner legs onto the chick's tummy.
  3. I glued the chick's body onto the cloth background.

  • Calvin's job was to glue the eyes and beak on.  He also dotted glue around the cloth background and sprinkled glitter on top. With that our little chick was done.

Extend the Activity:

Here are two books about chicks for young readers.

  • Owen's Marshmallow Chick by Kevin Henkes is a board book for children ages 2 and up.  Owen is a little mouse who loves Easter, especially his candy marshmallow chick.  This book comes with a little finger puppet.

(click for

  • Little Chick by Salina Yoon is a hand-sized board book about how Little Chick celebrates spring. The book is shaped just like the little chick on the cover.

(click for

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