February 6, 2013

Spool Print Snowflakes with Glitter

Spool Print Snowflakes with Glitter

Spool Print Snowflakes were printed using empty thread spools, paint and glitter. Printing is easy and fun.  If a child can pound, s/he can print.  Think of it as artistic pounding.


  • To make our printed snowflakes, we needed two different shades of blue construction paper: one dark and one light.  We also needed two different colors of tempera paint: white and pastel blue (blue and white mixed together).  

  • The first step in printing the snowflakes was to get paint on the end of the spool.

  • Calvin's spool was ready, but he wasn't.  He had never printed before. So I made one print to demonstrate.  Then I set the spool on the table.  Calvin immediately picked it up and made several prints.  

  • After four prints, Calvin was done, but I wasn't.  So ... I re-motivated his interest.  I picked up a dry spool and pretended to make several prints.  All the while I was making funny sounds.  (I make really funny sounds.  Just ask my husband.)  
         Calvin giggled, picked up his spool, and made more prints.                         

  • Calvin's last step was to sprinkle glitter.

  • I let the paint dry, then shook off the excess glitter.  Our spool print snowflakes were done.

I found the idea for Spool Print Snowflakes on a blog called scrumdilly-do!  This blog has two authors: Jessica Wilson and Za Meander.  Thanks Jessica and Za for this great idea. 

(click to see blog)

Extend the Activity:

Here are two great books to introduce after your art project is finished.

  • When Snowflakes Fall is a book by Carl R. Sams II, one of my favorite authors.  Written for young readers, this lovely book teaches what animals do to stay warm and find food in winter. 
    (< click for Amazon.com)

  • Winter Friends, also written by Carl R. Sams II,  is about forest animals encountering a snowman in the woods.
   (< click for Amazon.com)

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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