February 13, 2013

Green Spiral Mobile for St. Patty's Day

Green Spiral Mobile for St. Patty's Day

This interesting green spiral mobile lends a festive touch to any St. Patrick's Day celebration. It consists of two painted paper plates with a few felt shamrocks added for pizzazz.  


  • Calvin's first job was to paint two paper plates with green paint.  As he painted each plate, he had trouble keeping it still. At twenty-two months, he didn't realize he could hold the plate with his non-painting hand.  So I taped the plates to the table.

  • While the paint was still wet Calvin decorated each plate with green paper pieces.  The pieces were tissue and wrapping paper bits left over from making our Torn Paper Shamrocks

  • I poured some glue-mixed with water-into a squeeze bottle for Calvin.  To my surprise, he squeezed it out in one big squeeze. So...no more squeeze bottle.  Calvin's now ready for the regular bottle. 

  • Once the glue was spread around, I handed him the glitter.  He knew what to do.

  • When the paint and glue dried, I hot glued the two plates together, white sides touching.  Since we were making a mobile, I wanted both sides to be painted.  

  • Then I cut the doubled plate into a spiral and hung it like a mobile.  I bought some little felt shamrocks at the craft store and hung them from the spiral with twine to make it look snazzy.

The photo below shows all our St. Patrick's Day decorations:

green spiral mobile
Torn Paper Shamrocks
leprechaun purchased at the craft store

Extend the Activity:

  • Here's a shamrock mobile to add to your celebration.

(< click for Amazon.com)   

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