January 9, 2013

Valentine Paper Heart Garland

Valentine Paper Heart Garland

This string of Valentine Paper Heart Garland was made with white construction paper, markers, paint, and glitter.  The best part: it was easy to do. 


  • Calvin began by drawing with a red 'toddler' marker on white construction paper.

  • After a while he switched to a 'regular' red marker.   

According to my research on the Stages of Art Development, Calvin is in the Random Stage. Children in this stage hold their marker in a grasp, draw on top of their own marks, and scribble off the page.

  • The next step was to add red tempera paint to the paper.  We used a little dropper.  

  • And we used a very big dropper.

  • Calvin even added a few hand prints.

  • The last step was the best: GLITTER!

  • After the paint dried, I shook off the excess glitter, and cut out as many hearts as I could. Then Calvin and I strung the hearts on yarn.

I stiffened one end of the yarn with glue to make it easier for Calvin to string the hearts.  I also tied one heart on the end of the yarn to keep all the other hearts from falling off.

  • We hung the garland where everyone could see it. 

Extend the Activity:

  • You could use the same procedure to make Valentine necklaces too.
  • You could read The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond.

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