January 17, 2013

Kid's Valentine's Day Hat

Valentine's Day Hat

This fun Valentine's Day Hat was made with paint, glue, construction paper hearts, and glitter.  Both Little Arty Pants and I love glitter, which is why we use it a lot in our art. 

Do you recognize the little rabbit modeling our hat?  He's Max from Rosemary Wells' Max and Ruby series. Calvin loves her books.  This one is going to be his Valentine's Day present from Nana and Poppa.

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  • The first step was mine.  I cut stiff white drawing paper into an 18" diameter circle. Then I cut 1/4 of the circle away.  The remaining circle looked like this.

  • Calvin painted the circle with red tempera paint.  He applied the paint by dabbing.  I modeled how to make a brush stroke, but he wasn't interested.  When he's ready, I know he'll try. In the meantime, he's an expert dabber. 

  • Calvin's next step was to put glue on the paper hearts I had cut earlier. This was the first time he was able to squeeze the glue bottle all by himself.  Yippeeee!

  • The next step was a blast for Calvin and me. I filled an easy squeeze bottle with glue.  Calvin's job was to dribble the glue around on the paper. The bottle made a funny sound when he squeezed it. The sound made him laugh, which made me laugh. Of course Poppa had to see what was so funny, and he started to laugh too. What a hoot.

  • And then it was time for glitter.

  • I let everything dry, shook off the excess glitter, and glued the circles into cones.

Guess what! Calvin called me Nana for the first time last week.  It sounded like Neena, but I knew what he meant. 

Extend the Activity:

Since we made a hat, I thought it would be fun to read Jan Brett's book The Hat.  It has beautiful illustrations and a simple, sweet story.

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