January 2, 2013

Craft Stick Snowflakes with Paint and Glitter

Craft Stick Snowflakes

These sparkly Craft Stick Snowflakes were made from recycled fudge bar sticks, paint, and glitter. First we ate the fudge bars, then we made the snowflakes: fun and fun!


  • Once the fudge bar sticks were clean and dry, I glued them together in threesomes as you see below.  These were our snowflakes. 

  • The first step for Little Arty Pants was to paint the snowflakes with white tempera paint.  Calvin painted with his right hand, but he didn't realize he could use his left hand to keep the snowflakes from moving around while he painted. So ... 

  • ... I stabilized the snowflakes with tape.

  • Once the snowflakes were painted, Calvin sprinkled glitter on each of them.  We used silver, but any color would do.

  • When the glitter and paint were dry, we decorated our door with the snowflakes. They also make beautiful ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Extend the Activity:

Here are some ways to extend the snowflake art activity with more snow related fun.

  • Snowflakes make snowmen, and Santa brought Calvin one for Christmas: a snowman toy that is. Although he hasn't mastered the stacking order yet, Calvin has fun stacking the little man in his own creative way. 
  (click for Amazon.com)


  • Snowflakes make snow, and Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy is a beautifully illustrated book filled with snowflakes and snow.  First published 10 years ago, it was a New York Times best seller and won several awards.  It's finally available again in the Snowflake Edition   
 (click for Amazon.com)

  •  Snowflakes don't always come when you want them too.  You may need to make your snowman from shaving cream.  Click on the photo below for activity details. It will take you to Living Life Intentionally, a blog created by Beth.  Thank you, Beth, for the great idea!
(Click to go to Living Life Intentionally)


(published with permission)

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