November 12, 2012

Three Little Gourds Painted by One Little Artist

Three Little Gourds Painted by One Little Artist

Fall gourds can be very colorful, but these baby pumpkins were only one color: orange. They needed little-arty-pants to paint them.  He used tempera paint, a brush, and an old turkey baster. 


  • We used green and brown tempera paint for the pumpkins. Since we didn't have brown, we made our own by mixing red, yellow, and blue.  

  • First Calvin applied the green paint with his brush. He liked putting it around the stems of the pumpkins. As the paint puddled, it ran down their sides. 

  • After a while, I handed Calvin a turkey baster filled with brown paint.  He wasn't sure what to do, so we worked together to squirt the paint onto the pumpkins.

  • Calvin discovered another way to apply the paint. He shook the baster, and sure enough, the paint dripped out onto the pumpkins.  I loved seeing his mind work.

  • This is how the pumpkins looked when they dried. We added them to our fall centerpiece with all the other colorful gourds.

Extend the Activity:

How about curling up with your little one(s) and reading one of these fall books?

  • I Love Fall!  A Touch-and-Feel Board Book by Alison Inches is a treat for the senses.  The colorful illustrations will delight your eyes, the touch-and-feel images will tickle your fingers, and the perky rhymes will sing in your ears.

(click for

  • Bright Baby Touch and Feel Fall (Board Book) by Roger Priddy is full of big, colorful fall photos with touch-and-feel inserts.  The vocabulary is simple.  Great book for the youngest readers.

(click for

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