November 23, 2012

Painted Paper Plate Turkey for Little Artists

Painted Paper Plate Turkey

Painted Paper Plate Turkey is three projects rolled into one. It took us three days of collaging and painting to finish. An older child might do everything in one day.

Project One: Turkey Tummy


  • The Turkey's tummy was made using Fall Leaf Glitter, a project we did previously.

(click for instructions)

  • I cut the Leaf Glitter into a circle that fit the center section of a desert size paper plate, and then I set it aside for later.


Project Two: Wings and Feathers


  • The Turkey's wings and feathers were made from a desert size paper plate painted reddish-brown. Calvin created his own reddish-brown paint by mixing blue with a lot of red and yellow.

  • After he mixed the paint, Calvin painted two paper plates: one for the turkey and one just for fun.  He painted with a chubby brush...

  • ... and he painted with a fat brush. He liked the fat brush best.

  • After the paint dried:

  1. I cut and removed the center section, leaving a hole. 
  2. I glued the Leaf Glitter circle into the hole.
  3. I cut the discarded center section in half for the wings (see photos below).

Project Three: Head


  • I cut out a head, beak, wattle, and some feet. 
  • Calvin's job was to glue on the eyes.

  • My last step was to glue all the turkey parts together.

Extend the Activity:

Here are more activities to do after you finish the paper plate turkey.

  • Little Turkey Finger Puppet Book is the perfect book for pre-readers: part book/part toy.

   (click for

  • Cookie Cutter Turkeys from Play Dough is a little-arty-pants project.

click for instructions

  • Play Dough Turkeys is another little-arty-pants project.

                                                                (click for instructions)

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