November 5, 2012

Green Leaves Painted for Fall

Green Leaves Painted for Fall

I'm anxious for fall, but the leaves are not turning yet. So Calvin and I decided to make our own fall leaves using tempera paint, green leaves, and a brush. They turned out great!


  • Calvin and I went for a walk and found some green leaves. I put the leaves between two sheet of wax paper and pressed them under a heavy book for two days.

  • Finally the leaves were ready for painting.  Calvin shook our red and yellow tempera paint while I prepared the table. 

  • I rolled some tape, stuck it on the back of a leaf, and secured it to the table. Calvin got his brush full of red paint and spread it on the leaf.

  • He followed the same procedure when he painted with yellow.

  • We let the paint dry.  The next day I covered the leaves, both front and back, with clear contact paper. I was careful to press the sticky paper into all grooves around the edges of the leaves for a good seal.

  • My next job was to cut the contact paper around the leaves so there was a 1/4 inch border remaining in all places. Leaves that are sealed well will last for several years without drying out.

We put our leaves in a bowl with some gourds to make a fall centerpiece.

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