November 25, 2012

Craft Stick Tree Ornaments

Craft Stick Tree Ornaments

Craft Stick Tree Ornaments were made from materials Little Arty Pants Calvin loved to use: paint, glitter, and stickers!  I loved the results.  We have several hanging on our Christmas tree right now.


  • The first step was mine to do.  I had to glue the craft sticks into triangle shapes. Someday Calvin will do this independently.

  • The next step was all Calvin's.  He painted each of the triangles with red and green tempera paint.  He loved to paint, but he tended to paint the same spot over and over.  I had to rotate the triangles for him.

  • When he got tired of painting, Calvin dipped the triangles into the paint.  It didn't work very well, but I clapped and cheered his experimentation just the same. 

  • When the triangles were painted, it was time for the glitter.  Hurrah!  Calvin loved the glitter.  He sprinkled it here, there, and everywhere.  Some even got on the triangles.

  • While the paint was drying, Calvin pressed stickers onto green construction paper. We used some cute Christmas stickers I found at the Festive of the Trees.

  • The following steps were done with my help.  An older child could do them independently.

               1. cut construction paper to fit triangle frame

               2. punch hole in top of construction paper triangle

               3. glue construction paper triangle onto back of painted craft sticks

               4. string yarn to hang on Christmas tree

Extend the activity:

Once the art was done and the mess cleaned up, we snuggled down with some good books.  Here are some excellent ones!

  • my first Christmas board book is photographically illustrated with dozens of objects associated with Christmas.  There are four pages devoted to ornaments.

 (< click for


  • Duck & Goose It's time for Christmas is a cute story that has two things toddlers need: few words and big pictures.

  (< click for

  • Try decorating your Christmas tree with 'toddler safe' ornaments on the bottom.  With supervision, your child can have fun rearranging the ornaments he/she can reach.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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